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Published on 26 July 2021
Updated on 26 July 2021

Redo your kitchen in 10 steps: the to-do list to make sure you don't miss a thing

Redesign Your Kitchen in 10 Simple Steps. Explore this definitive guide that ensures you cover all the important aspects for a successful and easy renovation.

[Translate to English:]  Refaire sa cuisine en 11 étapes

Step 1: I breathe in and out

During this first stage, give free rein to your imagination and project the kitchen of your dreams. Take inspiration from the models in our catalogue or on our website, or from images in interior design magazines or on social networks (Intagram, Pinterest). The aim is to define the atmosphere you're looking for. Do you like the raw look of industrial style, the chic of modern kitchens or the warmth of rustic decor? Depending on how you feel, you'll be able to choose the colours and materials for your furniture and worktops, think about the smallest details (the look of handles, light fittings), and opt for solutions that best suit your needs and the configuration of your kitchen. Whether your room is I-, U- or L-shaped; whether it's small or large enough to accommodate a central island; whether you're just a couple or the head of a large family, your kitchen won't be the same. Every project has its own problems, so take inspiration from our kitchen makeovers to get some ideas for your layout. You'll be blown away by our before-and-afters and all the things that can be done.



Step 2: Defining my kitchen project

Go to a specialist or do it yourself? It all depends on your needs. If it's a simple refresh or makeover of your kitchen, you can do it with the help of our advice. On the other hand, you're better off relying on the broad shoulders of our experts (for the design) and our assembly pros (for the implementation) if your project requires a total change, technical rearrangements and, consequently, major work.



Step 3: Marking out my space

Get ready to measure! To draw up an accurate plan of your new kitchen, take the right measurements with our advice. How much space do you have? What obstacles (windows, beams, pipes, etc.) need to be overcome before you can install the kitchen of your dreams? How should your room be laid out? And how can you save space with clever arrangements and storage? All these questions can be answered by successfully taking measurements. And here again, many of the articles on our site explain how to do it and give you plenty of ideas for optimising your space.



Step 4: I think money, money

This is the stage where you come back down to earth to assess the financial feasibility of your project. How much will it cost to renovate your kitchen? Can you afford to hire a professional? How much can you afford? Draw up an estimate. It's really easy, provided you know roughly what you want beforehand and thanks to our ixina advisers. You can request an appointment online or by telephone and we'll call you back within 48 hours to arrange a date and draw up a free, comprehensive and detailed initial kitchen estimate in-store. It will be refined and adjusted according to the details and your choice of appliances. At ixina, our offers and financing solutions are simple and designed to make your project possible. We adapt to your budget, not the other way round.



Step 5: Choosing my electrical appliances

The difference between a fitted and a fitted kitchen is in the appliances. The former includes all the appliances you need for cooking. If you already have everything you need at home, so much the better! All you have to do is fit your appliances into your future ixina kitchen units. Otherwise, assess your needs according to your preferences (induction hob or gas? hood or no hood?), the make-up of your family and the space you have available. If you live as a couple in a small flat, for example, you could opt for a combination microwave that also offers the functions of a traditional oven. It's a really clever solution that saves you a lot of space. Are you the head of a large family? Think about equipping yourself accordingly: XXL refrigerator with large freezer storage capacity, four-burner hob for preparing meals for a large table. Our experts are here to advise you and help you choose from thousands of products from 18 different brands.



Step 6: Finishing touches

The devil is in the detail. And in a kitchen, they are everything. Whether it's the colour and material of the splashback, the lighting, the handles or the accessories, everything needs to be thought through for both its aesthetic and practical benefits. When it comes to lighting, for example, you can integrate an LED system under the wall units above the sink or your splashback above the worktop, or install them under the cooker hood. Ideal for better viewing of washed, cut or cooked food. Retro-style handles add character to your kitchen. On the other hand, discreet or completely absent, they offer a refined, very chic effect. It's up to you to make your choice, with the help of our expert advisors who leave nothing to chance.


Step 7: Preparing the ground

It's best to clear the decks before you take delivery of all the furniture for your new kitchen. This means dismantling your old kitchen and freshening up your walls and floors, because once your kitchen is installed, things will be much more complicated. And to make sure that your new kitchen is well received and that there are no unpleasant surprises, technically speaking, think about the electrical connections, water outlets, sockets, etc. You'll need to prepare the ground by following the technical plan for your kitchen that you'll receive in the shop.


Step 8: I'm ready for delivery

Prepare the delivery in advance so that everything runs smoothly. Depending on the configuration of your home, a goods lift may be required. Plan ahead and ask your Ixina shop for advice. Finally, on the big day, make sure you tick all the boxes on your furniture list so that nothing is forgotten during delivery.



Step 9: Rolling up my sleeves... or not

When it comes to fitting your kitchen, you can rely on our approved fitters. These craftsmen are committed to using all their know-how to guarantee the quality and safety of your installation. This is the most convenient turnkey solution, a kitchen installation with your eyes closed and nothing for you to do.


The other option is to assemble your furniture yourself. Here again, ixina will help you with its installation guide and dedicated advice videos. Assembling your furniture is child's play.

Step 10: The icing on the cake: I take care of the decorations

And now your dream kitchen is here, brand new. Are you happy? Now all you have to do is make it your own by decorating it. If you've fallen for an industrial-style kitchen, you'll want to use decorative objects that look as if they've been hunted down, such as Rolix-style steel stools or professional lighting (cinema projectors, bare bulbs...).

You can decorate your kitchen in country house or Scandinavian style, with green or aromatic plants, and install a raw wood chopping board on the island, to provide even more natural warmth. Finally, have fun adding colour to your kitchen utensils or small appliances (toaster, kettle...) for a pop kitchen. There's no accounting for taste.  This stage of the decorating process is the final touch where you can give free rein to your creativity.


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