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Published on 30 April 2020
Updated on 30 April 2020

Kitchen organisation – optimisation brings benefits

For your kitchen to be a pleasant place to be on an everyday basis, it needs to be functional. To achieve this, it is vital to carefully choose its layout and effectively organise your storage spaces. After all, having the right tools at your fingertips is key to preparing delicious meals.

Work triangle – the secret to successful kitchen organisation

Effective kitchen organisation starts with a drawing outlining the work triangle. The three key areas – storage, food preparation-cooking and washing – are the main activities carried out in this room.

A well-designed kitchen creates a triangle between these three zones. Even in a vast kitchen, you should keep these areas close together in order to reduce the size of the activity zone and avoid unnecessary journeys back and forth. This kitchen layout will therefore minimise the distance between the sink, the fridge and the cooking area, while facilitating circulation. Having everything within easy reach will improve your efficiency.


Kitchen organisation – successful arrangement of space

There are several rules to follow to ensure an optimised layout and organisation:

•    Ideally, install your oven at eye level in a storage column. This arrangement not only reduces pressure on your back when loading and unloading the oven, but also prevents young children from burning themselves by touching the oven door.
•    Place a worktop near the oven for quickly setting down hot dishes.
•    Leave a worktop free next to your fridge to set down your fresh groceries, making it easier to organise the contents of your fridge.
•    If you plan to install your sink under a window, first check that the tap will not obstruct the window when opening.
•    To make it easier to wash dishes, if you are right-handed, place your rubbish bin to the right of the sink and the dishwasher to the left. That way, you can dispose of leftovers and load your dishes into the dishwasher without changing hands. Reverse this arrangement of course if you are left-handed.


Optimising kitchen storage spaces

Once your appliances and units are in place, you can start filling your fridge and cupboards. Instead of haphazardly piling up bags and boxes, organise your space using transparent, stackable glass or plastic containers for your pantry items.

Keep an erasable marker handy to note the expiration date on each container. You could also install compartmentalised drawers to make it easier to find everything. Hooks on the back of unit doors are also useful for hanging cutting boards, lids and colanders.


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