Published on 13 April 2021
Updated on 13 April 2021

Everything you need to know about granite worktops

Elegant and robust, a granite worktop adds character to the kitchen. Versatile and functional, it is an excellent ally for keen chefs. Natural and sophisticated, it transforms the kitchen. But how much do you really know about granite worktops?

What is the difference between granite and quartz worktops?

Since they look similar, the two materials are often confused. However, although the latter is inspired by the former, the two materials are very different. Granite is a natural stone formed from crystalline rock, i.e. solidified and crystallized magma. Composed of three siliceous minerals, its nuances and variations in colour give it aesthetic character as well as a great deal of prestige.

Quartz worktops, meanwhile, are made from composite material – a combination of natural stone and resin.

These differences in composition and origin mean that they have different properties. To help you decide whether a granite worktop is right for you, we will explain its advantages as well as the requirements imposed by the material.


What are the benefits of granite worktops?

-    A high-quality material, it adds a lot of personality to your room.

-    A granite worktop sets off the beauty of your kitchen furniture by enhancing your interior and emphasising its authenticity.

-    This material also has the major advantage of being very easy to maintain. A microfiber cloth soaked in soapy water is all you need to carry out daily cleaning.

-    The granite worktop is particularly solid and resistant to high temperatures and scratches, as well as impacts and most stains. Only contact with acidic products should be avoided to prevent damage to your quarry stone.  


What are the disadvantages of granite worktops?

Being strong and thick, they are naturally heavy. Transporting and installing them therefore requires special measures to be put in place.

It should also be noted that satin and light-coloured finishes are usually less resistant to stains. This is why a polished finish is usually preferred.

Finally, a granite worktop is relatively expensive, which is its major drawback. Although purchasing a granite worktop requires a certain budget, you will be won over by its robustness, durability and numerous other qualities.


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