How to choose the right kitchen backsplash?

How to choose the right kitchen backsplash?

Have you found your dream fitted kitchen ? Now all it needs is the finishing touch : the splashback. Functional and aesthetic, the splashback is an essential decorative element. From colours to materials, ixina will help you choose the right splashback.


What is the purpose of the splashback ?

As well as lending character to your kitchen, a splashback protects your walls.


What are the advantages of a splashback ?

The splashback protects against splashes, dirt, spitting fat and steam. Installed in front of the sink and behind the hob, it must be easy to maintain, as well as heat resistant.

Where is the splashback installed ?

The splashback covers the entire wall of the kitchen, between the worktop and the wall units. If you choose a more discreet splashback, we advise you to combine it with a cooker hood back.

What height should your splashback be ?

The height of your splashback may vary depending on the aesthetic you want. You can have it all the way up to the wall units or raise it 20cm, the choice is yours.

What materials for your splashback ?

For a stylish, harmonious, functional kitchen, the choice of materials for your splashback is essential. A brief overview of the various materials available.


Laminate splashback

A laminate splashback will enable you to personalise your kitchen for a reasonable price. This material is available in a very wide range of colours and finishes. It goes well with all kitchen styles, from the most understated to the most extravagant. Laminate is also available in imitation wood, stone, marble or metal.


+ At ixina, we have over 300 finishes to offer you. Inexpensive materials

— Laminate does not withstand temperatures above 180°C.

Glass splashback

Perfect for contemporary kitchens, a glass splashback provides a very fashionable mirror effect. The backlit option offers a touch of originality to the look.

Advantage and disadvantage

+ Easy to clean

— Not very resistant to impacts and scratches

Acrylic splashback

Like glass, an acrylic splashback stands out for its sophisticated look. It comes in a matt or glossy finish, depending on your preference.

Advantage and disadvantage

+ More affordable than glass

— Not very resistant to scratches

Stainless steel splashback

Do you like the industrial style worthy of professionals? Stainless steel is an indestructible, unbreakable, non-porous material.

Advantage and disadvantage

+ A very stylish and very hygienic material

— A slightly cold look. Scratches easily

The ceramic and Dekton splashback

Ceramic is a high-quality and natural material both pleasant to the touch and very resistant to wear and tear over time. Dekton, on the other hand, is a 100% mineral material composed of particles of glass, quartz and ceramic. Its density gives it a high level of impermeability which makes it very resistant to scratches and stains

Advantage and disadvantage

+ A very resistant material, with plenty of character

- Its high price

Splashbacks can also be used for storage

Making the most of each space allows you to considerably increase your storage capacity. This will allow you to use the depth of the worktop to house open shelves and foldaway splashback accessories. Or else use the empty walls to attach splashback rails for hanging utensils – clever solutions which look good in any kitchen.


Splashback shelves

A modern and refined splashback rail with a wide range of accessories and storage

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